Men’s Shoes Without Laces

What are shoes without laces called?

Slip-ons are often lace-free, low-cut shoes. A moccasin construction is used in the most prevalent type, which is known as a loafer or slippers in American culture. The Wildsmith Loafer was one of the earliest designs introduced in London by Wildsmith Shoes.They originated as casual shoes, but have grown in popularity to the point where they are now worn with business suits in America. In Norway, the Aurlandskoen (Aurland Shoe) was launched as a new design (early 20th century). They are worn in a range of contexts and come in a variety of colours and designs, including tassels on the front or metal embellishments (such as the ‘Gucci’ loafer).Side goring is a less informal, older type of slip-on (sometimes called a dress loafer).

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